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Hi. I'm Tom. I founded RefME, an educational tool that grew to have millions of monthly active users, raised $7m and had customers around the world. Chances are if you are a student, you've heard of us and if you worked in the London tech scene, you'll know we shipped great product. We also won a bunch of awards including:

Guardian Startup of the Year

Apple top 25 Apps of the Year

Start-up of the year @Mobile World Congress 2015

EdTech company of the Year - EdTech Awards 2016

And many, many more. 

RefME was sold to Chegg, Inc. at the end of 2016 and is now part of their wider product offering. Since then I have been helping startups get profitable, grow, fundraise and have become a very, very small investor. I am also working with a number of large corporates to help understand startups. In 2019, I started vested.

I also invented drone delivery. Honest. Get in touch below if you'd like to chat :)